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 Confi-Dents   -Design


full mouth implant supported dentures

Each and every arch of the Confi-Dents Ultra Slim Dental Prosthetics are custom designed down to the last detail. Facial structures, bite strength, tooth shape and positioning, along with coloring and appearance are incorporated into the design to allow for the ideal prosthetic reconstruction.

Only the highest quality materials and best dental implants in the industry are used to ensure the longevity of your new smile.

All implants for these hybrids are placed by a Surgical Specialist, not a general dentist, ensuring the highest success rate documented in the literature.

The substructure is reinforced with a Cobalt Chromium framework or can be designed with a Zirconia framework depending on your prosthetic needs.

Confi-Dents are designed to last. Your ability to maintain a hybrid dental prosthesis is directly related to the long term success. The construction of these takes that into consideration. Simple brushing and flossing is all that is required to keep your prosthetics clean.

Confi-Dents incorporate 6-8 points of stability and retention that give these prosthetics unparalleled strength, while at the same time are the most cost effective solution available. If you have considered any kind of dental reconstruction, do yourself a favor and COMPARE with a second opinion before you make your final choice.

All  Confi-Dents consultations are free and private.

We're not only confident that the cost of your implants and hybrid will be the most reasonable available, but we're also confident that we will give you back the smile you are looking for, and that Confi-Dents will change your life...

Full Arch Implants Confi-Dents Upper Arch
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Implant supported denturs compared to standard dentures

Here's a visual comparison of Confi-Dents (left) to standard dentures (right). 

Confi-Dents wearers enjoy talking and eating so much more because their mouth palate isn't covered by the extra material needed to retain regular dentures.

Lower Full Zirconium Confi-Dents

Confi-Dents Ultra Slim Implant Supported Dentures

If you have been considering anything other than Standard Dental Implants for your restorations, or are planning on seeing anyone other than a Surgical Specialist to place your implants, do yourself a favor and check out the following link!

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