Welcome to the future of Advanced Dental Reconstruction! Just because you're losing, or have already lost your teeth, doesn't mean you have to settle for an outdated dental solution and compromise your quality of life. Confi-Dents Ultra-Slim Dental Hybrid Prosthetics provide the perfect solution to those that have lost or are losing their teeth... Would you like to have a great smile with teeth that look natural? Do you want to have the ability to chew again like you did when you had your real teeth? How about just getting back the quality of life that you deserve and feeling good about yourself without feeling embarrassed?  Well then,... STOP settling for anything less than Confi-Dents


Confi-Dents are a revolutionary new breed of dental implant supported hybrid prosthetics. These new state-of-the-art ultra slim dental prosthetics enable people to eliminate the need for bulky plastic dentures and adhesives. Confi-Dents are creating a paradigm shift in dental hybrid reconstruction. Whether you are already edentulous (meaning all of your teeth are gone) or losing your teeth, Confi-Dents provide the ideal solution. These hybrid prosthetics are fully implant supported and retained. Because each case is totally custom designed, you can decide whether to have your hybrid secured into place permanently (removed only by your doctor for maintenance) or designed to be removable when you wish by yourself. 

Confi-Dents give you back the ability to eat WHATEVER you want again! They are capable of restoring your facial structures to give you a more youthful appearance, along with enabling you to smile and feel good about yourself again. They provide people with a solution to missing teeth that is far beyond what even the best denture is capable of ever providing. Because Confi-Dents are completely custom designed, YOU decide how you want to look again. Don't settle for the look of a denture or the look that some lab figured you should have. You decide how you want to look. With Confi-Dents, you make all the choices. The beauty of these ultra slim prosthetics is in the ability to custom design each and every case to your specifications. Most people are unaware that they actually have options when it comes to their dental reconstruction. Confi-Dents are EXCLUSIVELY available at Buffalo Dental Implant. The consultation for Confi-Dents is completely free. Don’t waste another day of your life with anything less...

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Only the Highest Quality Materials available go into the substructure design of 



Confi-Dents Hybrid Bridge Prosthetic