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Revolutionizing Dental Reconstruction

The ideal and permanent solution to tooth loss...

Regain your Confidence with 



Confi-Dents are the latest technology for denture wearers and are available to you in Buffalo, N.Y. and Western New York. 

You may have heard people talking about "all on 4 dentures" and "implant supported dentures". Confi-Dents are your clear choice for all that they offer, and more. 

Confi-Dents are a high tech Ultra-Slim Dental Hybrid Prosthetic that allow you to have thinner, lighter and more comfortable dentures in place. They don't slip out when you're talking. They reduce painful rubbing against your gums. They allow you to eat the foods that you used to love again. You also don't need to remove them each day. So you can wake up with teeth in your mouth.

Implant supported dentures will change your life.

Zero days without teeth, even while you're healing. We understand the need to function and, sometimes more importantly, to appear confident in front of friends and family. 

Confi-Dents will:

  • Give you a more youthful appearance by improving your jaw line and the areas around your mouth.

  • Give you the ability to chew into foods like steak, carrots, apples and corn-on-the-cob again.

  • Help you retain your natural jawbone much more than traditional dentures can (Buffalo Dental Implant can explain how this works in you free consult).

  • Eliminate the need for goopy denture adhesive. 

  • Allow you to fully taste your food again, because the roof of your mouth won't be covered.

  • Allows you to wake up with teeth in your mouth.


Confi-Dents implant supported dentures are:

  • Made in the USA using the strongest and safest materials available.

  • Able to give you back the confidence to smile again. No more worrying about people looking at your teeth.

  • Strong enough to let you eat healthy, fresh and crunchy foods.

  • Easy to take care of and easy to clean.

  • Stain resistant.

  • Custom made and custom fit to you. 

Isn't it time that you did something nice for yourself? Confi-Dents are your clear choice to get your life back and give your friends and family the gift of a more Confi-Dent you.

Consultations are always private and free. Learn everything you've always wondered about  implant supported dentures during your own private meeting with no obligation what so ever.

Quote from a Confi-Dents patient, "Two years ago I decided it was time to look at a permanent way to address my upper teeth. I had been dealing with failed root canals and missing teeth since I was 11 years old and in an accident. Dr. Farber was recommended by a trusted dentist so I went to see what options were available. I decided on the product Confi-Dents and started treatment right away. Yes it was a financial commitment, and I was concerned whether the investment would pay off. It has been two years wearing the confidents and the result has been worth every penny. They are comfortable, very secure, and look so natural! I can eat any food with ease and comfort. I am grateful to Dr. Farber and his very professional staff for giving my back my joy of food, and the confidence to smile proudly."    Kathy M - Google Reviews

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